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Pipe Repair

Drain Stream Inc now offers trenchless pipe repair and pipe replacement services in Toronto, Burlington, Mississauga, Etobicoke, and Oakville

Innovative Drain Repair Service

Our company Drain Stream Inc has invested heavily over the past few years in the newest and most advanced technologies for pipe repairs. Applicable with both water and sewer lines, this modern state-of-the-art technology is capable of repairing existing damaged pipelines, whether burst or bent, all with minimal intrusion and virtually no excavation to the surrounding area. This special pipe repair technology is best suited for burst pipes, pipe damages from roots, or other drain damages that may lead to sewer backup or flooding. 

Modern drain rehabilitation technology saves you time and money

Trenchless pipe repair is in fact a fairly simple process. Our fully trained and licensed plumbers find an access point to the pipeline that needs service. Using custom proprietary equipment, a special resin-like formula is pulled into a damaged pipe, coating the inner layer. When complete, the pipe  A complementary TV camera pipe inspection is done for quality control, and the access points are sealed up. The technology is so secure, we can guarantee warranties of up to 20 years. 

As this technology is trenchless, that means that no excavation will be required as you would for regular pipe repair methods, where you have to dig deep trenches and physically replace the majority of the existing pipelines. No excavation means less overall intrusion and damages done to the surrounding worksite, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional pipe repair methods. On top of this, trenchless pipe repair can also be done much faster than regular pipeline rehabilitation, meaning that it is both more economical and time-efficient. 


At Drain Stream Inc, we believe that our customers deserve the best plumbing and drain services in the area, and that means adopting new plumbing technologies to deliver higher quality service, helping you save time and money. As a specialized drain service company, we are able to repair, install or clean any drainage works or system, including weeping tile beds as well as septic tank systems. Call the leading drain experts in the Greater Toronto Area today and see why we're the best drain contractors in Toronto!

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Drain Stream Inc offers the most advanced trenchless pipe repair technology on the market. We offer customized drain cleaning, coating, and drain repair services in the Greater Toronto Area that make drain cleaning and repairs easier than ever.

We can now fix piping using groundbreaking technology to bring aging drain pipes to "like new" condition. 

This advanced process restores existing piping and can be used to fill gaps, plug holes caused by bursts, corrosion, roots, and other breakages. 

We are the leader in pipe rehabilitation products and services from the kitchen sink to the main sewer. 

The superior drain renovation system saves time and money and can be used in even the most confined spaces. Our unique pipe rehabilitation system can be applied to many types of pipe and is the overall ideal choice, as there is no need to tear up walls or floors to repair the pipe. This unique drain repair technology can be done with less than one access point and can be used in the basement or any access to a cleanout. 

This unique system can extend the pipe life by up to 50 years and leave the pipe in better than new condition.  

 Our drain contractors and technicians have many years of plumbing, pipe replacement, and drain repair experience to share with clients, allowing them to be knowledgeable and efficient. With competitive pricing, our system presents a more resilient, cheaper alternative to typical drain excavations and repairs.

On average, our special drain repair service can cost as little as half as much as regular drain repairs offered by other contractors in the Toronto area.