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Kitec Pipe Replacement Burlington and Etobicoke

If your home or condominium was built after 1997, you may have defective "Kitec" pipes installed. These pipes are usually bright orange and light blue in colour, but Kitec plumbing may also come in red, dark blue, gray and black. If so, you may experience hefty damages in the near future, if you haven't already.

What if your home has Kitec plumbing?

What is Kitec plumbing?


Kitec plumbing was widely used in Canada and the U.S. in homes and condominiums built, or extensively renovated, between 1995 and 2007. It was sold for pipes for drinkable water pipes, as well as in-floor and hot-water baseboard systems.


Kitec was marketed as a corrosion-resistant alternative to copper pipes and fittings, but was recalled around 2005 due to a tendency to corrode at an accelerated rate. It is no longer manufactured.


Kitec may deteriorate or fail due to excessive water pressure or water running at temperatures hotter than the manufacturer’s rating of 77C (180F).


Industry professionals believe that homes and condominiums with Kitec plumbing and fittings will experience premature pipe failure, and failure rates will increase over time. The pipes may not just leak but burst, with potential for flooding.



If you find Kitec plumbing in a home, you’ll need to get it replaced. Skip this step and you run the risk of a messy and expensive water damage claim—assuming, that is, your insurance provider will cover the damage when (not if) the pipes leak or burst.

However, you may be able to get some compensation. Because Kitec was so widely used in North America a class action lawsuit has been launched. For more information go to

Our plumbers at Drain Stream Inc have already encountered Kitec pipe systems and are trained in replacing these pipes. We professionally remove the defective pipes and replace them with safe and industrial grade pipes and fittings. If you have any questions about Kitec plumbing, or are curious about pricing, call us at 647-557-3200, or contact us today. 

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