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Drain Stream Inc is proud to provide plumbing and drain services in Mississauga. We make sure to create quick and convenient appointments, allowing you to get back your daily routine as quickly as possible. Our professional plumbers then go to work, fully equipped with all the tools necessary for any plumbing inspection, repair, or installation. We make sure our work is done with as little obstructions and alterations to the home, making it appear as though we were never there at all. We make sure we do it right the first time, so that we don't have to come and fix it the second time. We take pride in our company, and we believe that our customers should too.

Being a smaller plumber company, we can focus on giving you the treatment you deserve. We aren’t a nameless, faceless plumber that shows up to do a job. We’re real craftsmen who get to know you and your individual plumber needs. We are interested in building lifelong relationships with you and giving you exceptional service at a fair price. We try to build friendly relationships with our customers for the long-term, so they can always feel comfortable knowing that they can count on us when the need for a fully licensed and high quality plumber ever rises. We exclusively service Mississauga to quickly respond to emergencies, work on repairs and installations, and to actively be a part of the community. That is the Drain Stream Inc difference.

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24 Hour Plumbing Services Mississauga|Drain Stream Inc

Drain Stream Inc offers professional and affordable 24-hour emergency plumbing and drain services in Mississauga. If you have an emergency, or need an urgent plumbing repair, call us at 647-557-3200 and we can dispatch a plumber as soon as you're ready.


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Our specialists at Drain stream Inc are ready to help you with all of your drain and plumbing service needs.

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