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GTA Plumbing Services: Drain Stream Inc

Drain Stream Inc has a wide array of services to suit your needs. We cover emergencies, general repairs, installations, and much more. We compiled a list of our most popular services, including a description and information on pricing. If you wish to learn more, or the service you are looking for isn't mentioned, contact us at 647-557-3200.

Backwater Valve Installations, Alarms, and Maintanance


Wether you have expierienced flooding, or are ready to take the next step in preventing home flooding, installing a backwater valve is the most effective way to prevent flooding. Keep reading to learn more on how you can save thousands of dollars from potential property damage from flooding.


Professional backwater valve installataion in Burlington and the GTA starting at only $1460, excluding rebates!


Sump-Pump Installation and Repairs


In older homes that were built without adequate basement waterproofing systems, a sump is a great way to reduce or even eliminate wet basement problems. If you've got a consistent problem with water in your basement, a sump pump may bethe solution.


Contact us for information on pricing for sump pump installations and repairs at      647-557-3200, or request an estimate from one of our licensed proffesionals today.

Drain Cleaning


Has your water been moving slowly lately? This may be as a result of buildup of waste within the pipe system. Make sure that your drains are properly cleaned to help prevent the dastardly blockages that may occur if left untreated.


Contact us for information on pricing for drain cleaning at 647-557-3200, or request an estimate from one of our licensed professionals today.

Water Service Upgrade


We provide water service upgrade services in the GTA and Burlington. Upgrading your water service is an effective way to remedy low water pressure and remove possible lead contamination from your drinking water.


Contact us for information on pricing for water service upgrades at 647-557-3200, or request an estimate from one of our licensed professionals today.

Camera Inspection


Do plumbing blockages and backups in your home have you stumped? If you’re having difficulty determining the exact cause and location of plumbing issues, a plumbing camera inspection can help you solve the mystery.


Contact us for information on pricing for camera inspections at 647-557-3200, or request an estimate from one of our licensed professionals today.

Toilet Repair and Installation


Keep your bathroom open for business. From clogged toilets to toilet repair and installation, we have you covered. We take care of your toilet so you can take care of, well, your business.


Contact us for information on pricing for toilet repair and installation at 647-557-3200, or request an estimate from one of our licensed professionals today.

Kitec Pipe Replacement


A lot of buzz has been going around Kitec plumbing systems, and it is ever increasing as the time goes by. Installed in homes after 1997, these defective pipes have been experiencing premature failure, resulting in water damages and problems for homeowners.


Click to read more and learn more about Kitec plumbing systems, the Kitec settlement, and how we can help you remove your Kitec system.

Drain Snake


If you have a clogged toilet or the water from your sink, bathtub, or shower is backing up, you may need to use a drain snake. We professionally drain snake drains in Burlington, Etobicoke, and the rest of the Greater Toronto Area. Call 647-557-3200 today to get all the information you need to unclog your drain!


Faucet Installation


Has your faucet or sink seen better days? Are you longing to get a fresh new look in your kitchen or washroom? If you need a faucet or sink installed in Burlington or the GTA, call Drain Stream Inc at (647)-557-3200 and receive an estimate over the phone, or schedule an appointment today!


Flood Protection


Have you experienced flooding in the past? Are you looking to protect your home and your priceless belongings from the dangers of sewer backup and flooding? Learn more on how a simple tool we install may be used to stop sewer backup and basement flooding in your home.


Plumbing Repair Service


Whatever plumbing problem you may have, our plumbers at Drain stream Inc can fix it. Clogged drain? No problem. Leaks or burst pipes? Done. Toilet or faucet problems? We got you covered. Our plumbers come fully prepared with experience and the best tools to make sure that they can repair any damages, big or small.

Bathroom Plumbing Renovations


Have you been thinking about renovating or remodeling your bathroom? Changing your washroom can breathe life back into your home and provide a fresh, new look. Call Drain Stream Inc to help you remove and replace your toilet, sink, bathtub and shower.


Kitchen Plumbing Renovations

Renovating your home can be both a great investment and a great way to make your home more enjoyable to live in. What better place than to renovate your kitchen! Often the main area of the home, renovating your kitchen could provide a fresh, new look. Leave it to Drain Stream Inc to do the kitchen plumbing. 

24 Hour Plumbing Service

Drain Stream Inc offers professional and affordable 24-hour emergency plumbing and drain services in Burlington and the Greater Toronto Area. If you have an emergency, or need an urgent plumbing repair, call us at 647-557-3200 and we can dispatch a plumber as soon as you're ready.

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