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Water Service Upgrade GTA | Drain Stream Inc

We provide water service upgrade in Burlington and the Greater Toronto Area. Upgrading your water service is an effective way to remedy low water pressure and remove possible lead contamination from your drinking water.


Lead Pipe Removal


There are still lead pipes providing water service throughout the City of Toronto, but starting in 2011, they have taken it upon themselves to conduct water service replacements every year. Unfortunately, they only take it upon themselves to replace the portion that is outside of your property. Replacing the entire pipeline is crucial in significantly reducing the lead contamination present in the water. The city will replace their portion once the privately owned section is replaced. 


Water Service Upgrade may help solve low water pressure 

Does your home suffer from low water pressure? The cause for this may be sediment buildup within the pipe system, or simply because the old pipeline infrastructure cannot adequately support the greater water demands.


One way of solving this issue upgrading the diameter of the supply pipe that runs from the city connection. Our plumbing and drain specialists can replace your existing supply pipes with larger diameter pipes, allowing you to receive improved water pressure and better water service to your entire home. 


We also provide new water service system installations in Burlington and the GTA. If you are planning to install new fixtures or something like a second bathroom, having a new water system installed may be ideal to maintain the performance of you water system.

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