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Trenchless Water Line Replacement Burlington

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Fully Qualified Plumbers

Our plumbers come fully licensed and insured with years of experience.

Complete Warranty

We provide a minimum 90-day warranty on all jobs and up to 20 years for drain repairs.

Free Estimate with Repair

Receive a quality diagnosis to help you choose the most cost effective solution for your home. 

Complete Warranty

We provide a minimum 90-day warranty on all jobs and up to 20 years for drain repairs.

Burlington Trenchless Sewer Repair

Dealing with unpleasant smells from your drains can be quite a headache, but don't worry! If you think you have blocked drains or a cracked sewer line, give Drain Stream a call at (647) 557-2858. Our friendly team specializes in trenchless drain line repair and replacement in Burlington, and we're here to help!

Clogged drains can lead to all sorts of inconveniences in your home. They can cause low water pressure, slow draining sinks and showers, and even stop your toilet flushing. If left alone, the resulting flooding might damage your property and leave you without water for days!


Thanks to new technology, we now have a more efficient and hassle-free solution for replacing old or clogged pipes – epoxy brush coating. At Drain Stream, we're proud to be one of the few Burlington drain service companies that offer this fantastic method for sewer line replacement. It's a safe, reliable, and cost-effective alternative to traditional drain repair and excavation.

So, if you need help unclogging your sewer line or any other drain-related issue, just reach out to our friendly Drain Stream team and we'll help you get back to your routine in no time at all. We offer free CCTV camera inspection before starting and a 20-year service warranty after we finish

Trenchless Sewer Repair

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Trenchless Pipe Repair


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See what our Burlingotn clients have to say about Drain Stream's trenchless pipe repair

"Drain Stream provided top-notch trenchless pipe repair service at my home. Their epoxy brush coating method was quick and painless, and I was amazed by the results. I highly recommend them to anyone with sewer line issues!"
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- Sarah T., Aldershot

Epoxy Brush Coating for Sewer Repair in Burlington

As a homeowner in Burlington, you know that sewer line problems can be caused by various factors, from the age of your home to the unique features of popular neighborhoods like Millcroft or Aldershot. At Drain Stream, we understand the distinctive challenges of the Burlington residential market and offer targeted solutions for trenchless pipe repair.

Whether you're dealing with a clogged drain or suspect a blockage or rupture in your sewer line, our professional team is here to help. We use epoxy brush coating, the new and improved method of restoring and rehabilitating sewer lines and drain pipes. This innovative pipe renovation technology has been widely adopted in select US markets, and we're proud to bring it to the Burlington area!

After extensive research and product testing, our senior plumbers at Drain Stream have imported and tailored the optimal set of specialized materials and equipment to deliver reliable and affordable local trenchless pipe repair.

Our technicians have been specially trained and certified to operate the equipment and configure the tools to best suit your home and drain pipe specifications. With our knowledge of local regulations, weather patterns, and Burlington's unique topography, you can trust us to provide the best possible service for your Burlington home. Call us today at (647)-557-2858 to schedule your appointment.

How Does Epoxy Brush Coating Work? 

We understand the importance of preserving the landscaping of your home, which is why Drain Stream offers trenchless pipe repair services. With our specialized training, our technicians are certified to use modern methods like epoxy brush coating to rehabilitate and restore your pipes without the need for major excavation. This solution is not only more cost-effective and efficient than traditional excavation, but it also reduces the mess and disruption to your property. Say goodbye to the days of major digging and say hello to a more confident, hassle-free process with Drain Stream.

Epoxy brush coating is fast and simple. Here is our 3-step process:  


Before the epoxy coating is applied, your pipe is cleaned and descaled to ensure the epoxy coat will go on smoothly and stick evenly to your pipe’s walls.

Time to Complete

2-3 hours

Hydrojetting clogged drain line | Damaged drain line Burlington | Tenchless Pipe Repair | Drain Stream Plumbing and Drain Services

Signs of Clogged Drain and Drain Line Damage

Think you have sewer line damage in your home? Some common signs that you may have a damaged or broken sewer line include:

Slow Drainage

If you experience slow drainage from multiple drains in your home, it may be the result of a more serious issue in your main sewer line. This may be due to roots, dirt and debris entering in the cracked pipe, or limescale buildup over time.  

Bad Sewage Smell

Foul, rotten-egg sewage smell coming from your basement or bathroom drains? 

This may be the result of sewer gas coming from a clogged or burst drain pipe. Not only is it hard to tolerate - it may be dangerous for your health. 

Clogged Drains

If you are experiencing toilet blockages, a clogged kitchen drain or sewer backup, it may the result of a more serious drain issue in your home. 

See more on clogged drains and our free camera inspection with service.  

Cracks in Foundation

A broken or burst drain pipe can lead to cracks in your foundation. 

If left untreated, those cracks can grow larger and continue to leak water into your basement, leading to increased humidity, mold growth, and costly damages. 

Wet & Soggy Lawns

Is your yard or lawn always wet and muddy? This may be due to large amounts of water leaking from damaged sewer lines. 

Over time the sewage may release harmful bacteria that pose a health risk to you and your lawn.

Benefits of Epoxy Brush Coating for Trenchless Pipe Repair

Epoxy brush coating provides an adaptive, efficient, and cost effective solution for trenchless pipe repair that helps you save time and money. Our fully trained and experienced technicians are here to ensure quality service all with minimal disruption to your home and lifestyle. 

Green check

It's Trenchless

Epoxy brush coating can be performed without digging up your sewer line or drain pipes. This reduces the overall project cost and requires significantly less time for completion. More importantly, this means less mess from excavation and less costly repairs from damaged landscaping.  

Green Check.png

It's Adaptable

Epoxy brush coating can be used to coat an entire pipe or just a small section, depending on the problem at hand. We are also able to coat any diameter of pipe, meaning it can be used on a pipe which is too small or too big for traditional lining methods. 

Green Check.png

It's Safe to Use

Epoxy coating is NSF certified meaning it complies with specific and high standards for safety, quality, sustainability or performance. It is safe to use on any types of pipes, whether it’s a sewer line, a gas pipe, an oil pipe or a drinking water pipe. 

Green Check.png

It's Quick

Epoxy brush coating is a fast process which can usually be done in one day, depending on the state of your pipes. The epoxy is fast-curing so your pipes will be back in service within three to eight hours.

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It's Durable

Once cured, the epoxy coat is three times as strong a s concrete and can withstand up to 10,000 PSI meaning that high pressure water will not disturb its integrity. 

Types of Drain Repair and Replacement Services

We understand that it can be a challenge to understand the different options available when it comes to choosing the right sewer repair or drain replacement service for your home. At Drain Stream we offer the full suite of local drain repair and replacement services, and we want to make sure you're comfortable with your choice before starting a work project. Here we break down the major pipe replacement options and applicable use cases: 

Drain Snaking Benefits

  • Cleaner and safer option compared to DIY drain chemical cleaners

  • 90 day service warranty

Drain Snaking and Drain Cleaning

A drain snake or auger is inserted directly into the pipe to physically clear away any blockages. 

When is Drain Snaking Useful? 

Drain Stream plumber performing a drain cleaning Mississauga
  • Small blockages that are easily accessible through drain or access point

  • Drain blockages as a result of hair buildup or other debris and not roots

Excavation Benefits

  • Ensures the complete replacement of your damaged sewer line

  • 100 year manufacturer's warranty 

Excavation and Drain Replacement

A trench is dug to physically remove and replace the pipe over the entirety of its length. 

When is Excavation Useful? 

Sewer line repacement with excavation | Drain Stream pipe replacement
  • First time installation or unfinished basement

  • Incorrect slope of existing drain line does not allow for pipe bursting or brush coating through existing drain line 

Brush Coating Benefits

  • c. 50% cheaper than excavation

  • Less intrusive and efficient than pipe bursting

  • Extend useful life by 50 years with 20 year labour warranty

Brush Coating and Pipe Restoration

Special coat of epoxy is brushed inside existing drain lines filling holes, cracks, and corrosion.

When is Brush Coating Useful?

Epoxy Brush Coating Close-up | Trenchless Pipe Repair
  • Applicable across virtually all drain lines with multiple turns and changing diameters

  • Best for pipe restoration if existing sewer line integrity is maintained for coating

Pipe Bursting Benefits

  • Less intrusive and destructive than excavation

  • Full replacement of sewer line with 100 year manufacturer's warranty and 20 year labour warranty

Pipe Bursting and Drain Replacement

The damaged drain line is burst open as a new pipe is pulled through to replace the old one. 

When is Pipe Bursting Useful? 

Pipe bursting hammerhead | Drain Replacement and Repair Drain Stream
  • Applicable over straight channels with two access points still required

  • Replacing sewer lines under trees or driveways

Fixing a Pipe

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Areas we Offer Trenchless Sewer Repair in Burlington

Our local plumbers offer sewer line repair in the  following Burlington areas: 









Bryant Hills


Headon Forest



Central Burlington

Bryant Hills

Tansley Woods




Alton Village


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